A message from Abodes, inc. the developers of The Arbors

Only .2 miles east of the intersection of College Mall road and Moore’s Pike, the project is within one half mile of the major regional shopping mall of South-Central Indiana. Yet, the site is nestled in a valley surrounded by large estate homes on the east, a small farm to the west and north and one of the most exclusive residential subdivisions in Bloomington (Hyde Park) to the south.

The land is a four acre tract with a density of only six units per acre, which allows for a large undisturbed natural common area. There is a creek running through the property that is some twenty-five feet wide and he land is wooded with Sycamores, Oaks, Hickories, Maples and 100’ White Pines. The development has set a new local standard for ecological sensitivity, preserving almost all of the tall hardwood trees. Each individual unit has a rear vies and deck opening onto its own private wooded setting which allows exceptional privacy. The quiet, natural surroundings, so close to a regional shopping center makes this a location that “has it all!”


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