From the beginning, the developers of the Arbors have tried to maintain as much of the natural beauty of the site as possible. Rather than build at a high or even medium density of 15 to 20 units per acre, it was decided at the outset to limit density to 24 apartments, or 6 units per acre. This low density means not only fewer buildings but also much less asphalting for parking areas, permitting over 70% of the 4 acre site to remain completely undisturbed. The buildings take up only 9% of the total land area; roads and parking use less that 15%, sidewalks and dumpsters another 2%. Finally, less than 30% of the land is developed.

After the conceptual commitment to low density was made, the next step in the project was to locate, mark and survey every large tree, both deciduous and evergreen. Each tree with a diameter over 24 inches was surveyed and placed on a site plan. The buildings were then designed around these trees; preserving as many of the larger growth trees as possible became the primary design criteria of the site plan. In the end, only three large deciduous trees were removed, two of them previously damaged from lightning strikes. The secluded forest feeling of the valley and creek have been preserved, with the apartments nestled gently into the pastoral setting. Yet the buildings are so located within this plan to allow for maximum sunlight in each unit.


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